CPR effectivness

Is CPR as Useful as We Think?

CPR is touted as a live-saving medical treatment, but is it really as effective as we think it is?

When to drink water

What Are the Best Times to Drink Water?

How much water you drink is no doubt critical, but when you drink it might be just as vital. We take a look at some of the most important times you should be drinking water.

Healthy smoothie recipes

10 Simple and Delicious Healthy Smoothies

Whether you're looking for a low-sugar, low-calorie, or high-fiber treat, we've got a smoothie for you! Why not try them all?

Woman researching online business schools

10 Best Online Business Schools in the US

A college degree can give you an edge in a competitive job market. These days, an online MBA or BBA program can prepare you just as well as brick-and-mortar universities. If you're going back to school, you can't go wrong with one of these 10 universities.

Man working on a home computer that says startup on the screen

10 Startups that Made It Big

Do you have big startup dreams? It's easy to feel like your idea is just a little too "out there." That is, until you remember that there was a time when PayPal sounded insane.

Pink walled studio apartment

15 Cheap Hacks to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

The line between “cozy” and “uncomfortable” is defined in square footage—and how you make the most of it.

A hostile man gives the stink eye to his annoying coworkers

11 Types of Annoying Co-Workers Found in Every Office

Whether you work in the 9-5 world, retail, or food services, there are 11 types of people you're guaranteed to be surrounded by daily - and they're all equally annoying. You know who they are.

Man sends a snarky email to his boss

10 Brutally Honest Work Emails You Wish You Could Send

After a long night of binge-watching or barhopping, the last thing you want to want to deal with is your annoying co-workers. We’ve all wanted to send a snarky work email, but I wouldn’t advise that you send any of these work emails to anyone, even if they’re totally accurate.

Mary Kate and Ashley walk the red carpet at an event

Top 10 Worst Cases of Intern Abuse

Regardless of popular belief, interns aren’t supposed to fetch coffee and work endless hours at menial tasks that teach them nothing about an industry for free. The intention, whether paid or unpaid, is for the company to teach potential future employees the ropes, allowing for a sort of “class” in the real world. Unfortunately, internships can and frequently go very, very wrong. Here are the 10 worst cases of intern abuse.

Do have the right password to get into this secret speakeasy?

11 Secret Bars and Speakeasies

The secret's out on the best places to grab a drink under-the-radar. The Prohibition may have ended in 1933, but the speakeasy vibe remains alive and well for these 11 secret bars from across the country.

Las Cruces, New Mexico has some of the best weather in the country.

U.S. Cities With Perfect Year-Round Weather

If you're wanting to move to sunnier weather, or just looking for a warmer vacation destination, these cities strike the perfect balance of not too hot and not too cold. Without the severe weather, you'll also save money on energy costs.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri is one of the best free museums in the nation.

America's 10 Best Free Museums

You can't beat free! Some of America's greatest treasures are available to everyone without free of charge. Thanks to large endowments and public funding, these museums don't have admission fees, making them perfect additions to your budget-friendly travel.

Woman acting as her own personal trainer

Be Your Own Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are great, but not necessary for weight loss success. With these tips and a little research, you can easily be your own personal trainer for free. You'll be showing off your beach body before you know it!

Cooked cauliflower

The Cauliflower Craze: How to Incorporate it Into Meals

Cauliflower this, cauliflower that. This veggie is all the rage in the cooking world right now, and for good reason. Still think it won't taste good? Try these ten cauliflower recipes and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

A vegan lacing up her sneakers while drinking green juice

5 Major Reasons You Should Be a Vegan or Vegetarian

Are you considering making the switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet? Here are some strong arguments to help you make the decision to remove meat and animal by-products from your daily diet.

Pencils and paper

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

Purchasing school supplies for yourself or your children doesn't have to put a dent in your budget during the back-to-school season. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to save money and put the cool back in school.

Students meet up after their first day back to school

Back-to-School Survival Guide

The first day of school will be here before you know it. Prepare yourself for the first day of the school year with this handy survival guide, and that initial day will be a piece of cake.

A teacher has fun teaching his students

Back-to-School Checklist for Teachers

Veteran teachers and newbies alike can all feel the stress that the first day of school brings. Keep yourself in-check by creating a back-to-school checklist of important tasks to complete, and you’ll be completely prepared before that first bell rings.