Popsicles. healthy summer snacks.

7 Healthy Snacks That Won't Ruin Your Beach Body

While you’re enjoying summer and entertaining loved ones, you need healthy snacks that everyone will love. These snacks are not only tasty, but are good for your body. Even the kids will want them!

a summer cookout spread with cheese, peppers, bbq, and dessert

4 Healthy Twists On Your Summer Cookout Favorites

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you have to chow down on hot dogs like you're in the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.

15 Natural Remedies that Science Disproved

15 Natural Remedies that Science Disproved

People use a lot of things that aren't backed by science to fix their problems. These are the worst natural remedies people still use.

A plastic toy house sitting on a pile of money to represent how you qualify for a home loan.

Qualifying for a Home Loan

Receiving a home loan involves more than just picking a house and asking the bank for money. First, you must be approved as a reliable consumer based on your financial history, credit score, and down payment amount.

White Rock Mountain in Arkansas

The Most Affordable States in America

Relocating for your career? Looking for a change of pace? Depending on where you end up, your paycheck may go farther than before.

Macedonia might not be your first choice, but it is a wonderfully cheap place to live.

Best Places to Live Abroad Without Going Broke

A list of the "cheapest places to live" is inevitably going to include some places where people don't particularly want to live. This list, however, is an attempt to collect the most affordable places people do want to live.

A woman takes a tour of a cruise ship

10 Jobs That Let You Travel the World

If the typical 9-5 career holds no interest for you, don’t fret: there are many jobs out there that can provide a decent income while allowing you to see some of your favorite destinations. Here are 10 jobs that let you travel the world.

Germs on an office phone

10 Places Germs are Hiding in the Office

The one place you should be safe from germs is your workplace, right? Sorry, but your office is a breeding ground for bacteria. Here are 10 places you are going to want to seriously disinfect.

A mobile app developer draws out a plan for a new app

What is a Mobile App Developer?

Mobile app developers create the fun and useful apps that everyone with a smartphone interact with on a daily basis. Mobile app development is a stable, growing technological field with lucrative pay, and a rewarding career.

Pantheon Marbles

17 Museum Artifacts That Should Be Returned to Their Home Countries

Many valuable artifacts end up in foreign museums. Some argue that these objects should be returned to their original home. Here are 15 artifacts that should be at the top of the list for a return flight.

a crowd of people in the oxford mississippi square

The U.S. States With the Highest Amounts of Stress

Whether it's because of money or work or health concerns, these 15 states have the most stressed residents.

15 Best Foodie Cities in the Country

15 Best Foodie Cities in the Country

If you love food, these are the cities you need to visit.

bride and groom heart

15 Best and Worst Color Combinations for Weddings

Planning a wedding soon? Here are some colors you can use as inspiration as well as some you should avoid like the plague!

woman sitting on bench

15 Color Combinations You Have to Try This Year

Wanting to update your look? Here are some color combinations that could change literally everything.

woman in balloon wedding dress

15 Craziest Wedding Dresses You’ve Ever Seen

Some brides have eccentric styles, but none crazier than these women. Here are 15 women that went all the way with their dresses.

Student in the 80s wears a sleeveless top

25 Fashion Trends Your Mom Rocked at School (But You Can't)

You’ve probably heard your parents talk about “the good old days” when candy bars were only a nickel and everyone left their doors unlocked. Your parents also had one other benefit that we don’t have today: wearing these eight items to school without severe, humiliating punishment.

Hospitality managers play in a luggage cart

Pros and Cons of Hospitality Management Schools Online

If you want to get an education in hospitality management, you should look into enrolling in hospitality schools online. Learn about the pros and cons of getting your education in hospitality management online here.

Emma Watson walks the red carpet

25 Celebs Who Graduated From Ivy League Schools

While most celebs are famous for their award-winning talent and looks, these celebs have the brains to boot. Many celebs have attended college, but not all of them have stuck with it - unlike these 25 celebrities, who not only attended ivy league schools, but actually graduated.

car dealer sales tricks

Holiday Car Sales: 5 Car Dealer Sales Tricks to Avoid

Holiday weekends are one of the best times to purchase a car, but it can be easy to fall into a trap. Dealerships have many sneaky ways to make people buy a car. Here are 5 tricks you should be aware of and avoid this weekend.

a red 218 ford mustang in a driveway

Which 2018 Ford Mustang Is Right for You?

The Ford Mustang is a classic American car with a long heritage and a well-earned reputation. This year's model is relatively unchanged.

a maroon 2019 buick encore in a showroom

Which 2019 Buick Encore Is Right for You?

The 2019 Buick Encore provides luxury at an affordable price. Since each option is so great, the choice between the four different trims isn't easy.